Docker: Up and Running — A book review

I was recently tasked with developing a new web service application at work. This gave me a reason to investigate Docker as a possible deployment platform, so I’ve been reading about Docker. I just finished reading my second book on the topic, the not-yet-released (but it is available for Kindle) Docker: Up and Running by …

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Selecting the perfect travel shoes

For the last 2+ years, I’ve been traveling. Europe, Africa, and the Americas. I’ve been “onebagging it“–that is, traveling with a single, carry-on sized bag (plus a small day-pack). One of the important decisions to be made when traveling like this (light, and for an indefinate period of time), is which travel shoes to wear. …

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In search of the best Go HTTP router for REST

I’m diving into REST APIs, and I want to implement one in Go, largely as a way to teach myself more about the language. One of the first problems I came up across (within an hour of starting coding) is that the HTTP router I selected (gorilla/mux) doesn’t have any way to issue a 405 …

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The Glossophile: My new language learning blog

For several months I’ve had some ideas rolling around in my head for articles to write on my blog. Most of them have been about my passion for languages and language learning. Recently, as I’ve been reading books and other blogs on similar topics, the idea has been forming to start my own, more focused …

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How to learn REST: A resource guide

I have a new software project in mind. I want to do it right. So I’ll use a RESTful web API. Which, of course, like any good software developer, I already understood pretty well, but I wanted to just brush up on my REST game, and make sure I got all the best practices down. …

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List of French Minimal Pairs

I’m in the early stages of learning French. I recently read Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It by Gabriel Wyner, which I highly recommend to anyone trying to learn a language. One of the suggestions it makes is to spend some of your early time, before diving into vocabulary, …

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Creating a Debian package of a Go project

Go is all the rage these days, and I decided to give it a try. And as my company uses Debian packages to distribute our software, I need to package my new Go-written project for Debian. Mark Stapelberg has done a lot of leg work to find the best (and official!) ways of packaging Go …

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