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Day 2 - July 14, 2013

Posted on July 15, 2013

I’ve never been good at “blogging”, or writing regularly about anything. But I know there are folks who want to read about what I’m doing. So I’m going to try. I have no idea how long this effort will last. But with this post, I’m 2 for 2.

I just entered Mexico, and am writing from my hotel in Reynosa. I’ll probably spend a couple days here. Tomorrow I’ll go to the TelCel customer service center to (hopefully) buy a SIM card to replace the one I lost, and keep my old number.

This morning I went to church with my friend Dave from Couch Surfing, and was exposed to my first “southern” worship service, complete with a banjo and fiddle. Although I am a life-long loather of country-western style music, it was interesting to hear that style of worship. And the music really wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t choose it every week, but it is nice to have variety every now and then.

I was really struck by the view from the front door of the church. I tried to capture it on film, but was in a rush, and am afraid I didn’t do it justice. But this is what I did capture:

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