Day 5 – July 17, 2013: Train-dodging in Monterrey

Yesterday I drove from Reynosa to Monterrey. It would have been about a 2-hour drive, but without a GPS, and Mexico’s lacking road signs, I got lost in Reynosa, and again in Monterrey. But this is part of the adventure, right?

Today on my way from the hotel to where I would be working, I saw something new for me. A train engine. Coming straight at me down the road.

It wasn’t going fast, but it took me completely off guard. I wish I could have taken a photo, but I had the choice between rummaging for a camera, or having the chance to tell you this story.

I suppose to the locals it’s a normal thing to have a railroad track run neither parallel nor perpendicular to, but rather directly down the center of the road, and in opposition to traffic, for a full city block.

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