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How to spell "Go"

Posted on September 24, 2019

You probably know how to spell “go.” G. O. Simple. But do you know how to spell “Go”? The name of the popular programming language invented by Google. It might also seem simple. Capital G, lowercase o. Also simple. right? Well, if posts on StackOverflow are an indication, apparently it’s not so simple.

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Dancing Skeletons

Posted on February 28, 2018

You’re building a complex piece of software. Then it comes time to deploy, so you spend a couple weeks stuffing it into a Docker container or a .deb or .rpm package, and debugging the build and deployment process. Then you add some sort of monitoring or logging, set up email or SMS alerts to tell you when it crashes, and probably a dozen other things to make it “production ready.

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Riding Shotgun

Posted on December 26, 2017

Last night I finished reading Be Slightly Evil by Venkatesh Rao. In one of the final chapters, the author, along with some guest contributors, discusses the status dynamics of holding the door for others. Without drawing any firm conclusions, the questions are raised: Does holding the door for another person elevate your status relative to them, or lower it?

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My Reservations about the Agile Principles

Posted on October 18, 2017

As a software developer, I’ve read the Manifesto for Agile Software Development countless times. It’s sort of a high-tech analog to the Hippocratic Oath for software people. Its full text is: We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:

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Automated Testing False Dichotomy #2: All vs None

Posted on September 4, 2017

This is the second installment in my series The False Dichotomies of Automated Testing. If you’ve ever met a recent test convert, you’ve probably heard them talk about the mythical creature that is “100% test coverage.” As with most benevolent mythical creatures, this one is highly sought after, and possibly even worshiped.

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The False Dichotomies of Automated Testing

Posted on August 24, 2017

This is the first in a series of posts about automated testing for software developers. I’ve been fascinated by this thing called “programming” since I first learned I could enter BASIC programs into my family’s Commodore 64 when I was 8 years old. I became a full-time software developer in 2006.

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Announcing Kivik: the general-purpose CouchDB client API for Go and GopherJS

Posted on April 22, 2017

For nearly 3 months now, I’ve spent most of my free time working on a new open-source project: a Go client library for CouchDB and PouchDB. As I’m now putting together the last major feature for a 1.0 release, I feel it’s time to make my work public. So today I am announcing Kivik!

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